Make money with ZOOM Website Integration

If you’re running ZOOM sessions online and need to monetise your meetings, we have the solution.

An online ZOOM store enabling your clients to view, schedule, book & pay for ZOOM meetings.

Zoom Website Integration

Which Industries Can Monetise ZOOM Meetings?

Totally adaptable, ZOOM can be integrated to suit just about any industry. For example…


Zoom Fitness Class


Personal trainers, fitness instructors and gyms can benefit from scheduling and charging for sessions. CONTACT US » 

Medical consultations using Zoom


Doctors, nurses and beauticians can schedule private medical consultations that charge with Zoom integration.  CONTACT US » 

Teach Online with Zoom


Teach one to one or to groups. Charge per session for your classes. Add classes to your calendar and schedule ahead.  CONTACT US » 

Party Online with Zoom


Host a virtual pub quiz night. Or put on a show. Sell tickets with an automatic ZOOM link after purchase. CONTACT US »  

With the scope for customisation, our ZOOM integration solution can be applied to just about any industry. 

Contact Christchurch Web Solutions for more information. 

How Does It Work?

Total integration to your eCommerce store. A seamless shopping experience for your clients that will provide them with a link to your meeting or event after purchase. 

Online store displaying classes available via ZOOM

For example, lets take online fitness classes to demonstrate how ZOOM can be seamlessly integrated into an eCommerce website.

1) Classes are displayed neatly and in date order.
2) Clients can purchase one or more classes
3) After purchase, your client will receive a link to join the scheduled class
4) Your client can register for an account to use for future sales

And why not offer coupon codes, block booking discounts? Or sign clients up for promotions with our integrated Mailchimp?

Clients can book classes and meetings
Custom email sent to clients after purchase containing a link to your ZOOM meeting

All these things and more can be customised to suit your industry and to promote your business with ZOOM. 

Further Information

• Add and organise your classes by category
• Zoom meetings created automatically by the system based on your defaults in Zoom.
• Seamless password protection meaning your meetings stay private.
• Intuitive shopping system enabling your users to buy just 1 or multiple classes.
• Accept payment using your favourite payment system (PayPal, Stripe etc)
• Integrate with Mailchimp to send out your timetables to existing users with segmented data based on previous purchases.
• User account area to view booked classes, managed stored cards etc
• Allow membership levels and subscriptions
• Allows for discounts, reward points and referral schemes
• Sell your group classes or 1 to 1 sessions
• Users can be sent reminder emails so they don’t miss a class
• Users can join via their browser or the zoom app.
• Support for multiple meeting hosts

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